The School follows the policy of careful selection of children in the light of institutional purposes. Our effort is to have a student body that is homogeneous in intellectual ability and diversified in terms of geographical origin, national and cultural background and socio- economic status. As a minority christian school, some special considerations are given to Christian children provided they are otherwise fit in terms of ability to profit from the school programme. The same considerations are given to students from weaker sections of the society who have the ability and capacity for utilizing this school education profitably.
The admission process includes
(1) Registration
(2) Admission test, Screening and an Interview with the parents
(3) Payment of admission charges/fees and the supply of books.
Registration : Parents desiring the admission of their children to any class from the Nursery to XII, in this school will submit an ‘Application for Registration for Admission on the prescribed form (placed in this prospectus as Annexure ‘A’) along with the registration fee. They will receive from the Principal of the School, a receipt acknowledging their application for registration and informing them that their children have been registered. The children will receive provisional admission, when a seat becomes available. Full admission is subject to
(a) passing the placement test
(b) an interview with the parents
(c) the payment of full charges and fees.
On receipt of the letter from the Principal offering a seat, the parents will submit the completed application form for admission along with the latest progress report of the children to be admitted, four photographs 1½ inches square (37×37 mm) full face without head covering against light background, copy of Date of Birth certificate from Municipal Committee attested by Chief Medical Officer of the District and also the School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate from the School last attended. Applications not accompanying these documents will not be considered. The School Leaving Certificate must record the date of birth of the children. The date of birth of the children as entered in the application form shall in no case be altered at a subsequent date. After the parents have met the Principal, they will be directed to deposit the admission charges and fees in the School Office. The child/children will be required to start attending the School from the day after the admission in proper School uniform.

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